ODAA Position Statements

Whereas,      The Oregon Dental Assistants Association’s objective for its members is to share in the responsibility, with the dental professions, for quality dental care delivery to all; and

Whereas,      The Oregon Dental Assistants Association’s objective for its members, is to support and encourage continued education, also to maintain the practice of dental assisting toward the highest standards of performance; and

Whereas,         Oral health is an integral component of over all health and therefore must be a core component of comprehensive health care; and 

Whereas,      The Oregon Dental Assistants Association supports and encourages the certificates and rules for all dental assisting categories within Division 42 in the Oregon Board of Dentistry Dental Practice Act; therefore be it resolved

Resolved,      That the Oregon Dental Assistants Association believes the public needs are best met by dental assistants who have demonstrated their knowledge and competencies by meeting the required standardized written and clinical examinations of all Expanded Function Dental Assistants.

Presented:  January 2014

Adopted:  February 15, 2014

Amended March 15, 2014

Amended May 23, 2020

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