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    Within the next few weeks, September 21, 2022, the Annual Fall Business meeting will be held virtually via zoom. One specific matter of business will be conducted at that time and that being the election of officers.

    Election of Officers:

    The elected officers are: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Only active or life members may serve as an officer and shall serve for one year or until a successor is duly elected.

    If you are interested in serving in one of these capacities please notify Bonnie Marshall, 13908 NE River Bend Rd. Battle Ground, WA 98604, or 503-209-8450. An e-mail of may also be used. She will need to know your name, title, address, employment status and your commitment to serve.

    Linda Kihs, CDA, EFDA, OMSA, MADAA

    ODAA President

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    Be the first to complete the crossword puzzle below and win a prize!

    Send a complete and accurate copy to:

    This contest is now closed. 

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    The Student Achievement Award is offered to all students attending CODA schools in Oregon.  ODAA is proud to announce that Crystal Reed from Central Oregon Community College and Andrea Cole from Portland Community College are the 2021-2022 Student Achievement Award winners.

    Each student award winner receives:

    • A Certificate of congratulations from ODAA
    • $100.00 and 
    • one complimentary ADAA/ODAA membership (valid for the 2022-2023 year only).

    ODAA 2022 Student Achievement Award Recipients

    This year, Mary Harrison, ODAA’s Vice President was able to present the award at PCC.


    Her report as follows:

    “It was my pleasure to present this award to Andrea Cole at Portland Community College.  The students gathered for their last time together with instructions on getting their EFDA, EFODA and RHS certificates.  They were encouraged to hand in or donate any supplies to the school to help other students.


    I did take a few minutes to encourage membership, gathering with other dental assistants, and to continue learning.  All assistants should know and be familiar with the Dental Practice Act, to know and understand what they may or may not do in the dental office.


    ODAA represents dental assistants at the Oregon Board of Dentistry and the Oregon Dental Association.  I shared that ODAA is available if they have questions or need help, and we are here for them.  


    I also encouraged continuing education and any certificates that are made available for dental assistants.  Also, my usual saying…..’You need to do the best thing you can for yourself, you’re the only one that can.”

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    The mouth is home to about 700 or more species of bacteria, one of which is Porphyromonas Gingivalis, the most common culprit of gum disease. The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease reported related dementias, especially vascular dementia associated with the bacteria that can cause periodontal disease.  

    The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), a large population study performed by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, examined whether gum disease and infections with oral bacteria were linked to dementia diagnoses and deaths using restricted data linkages with Medicare records and the National Death Index.  The team compared different age groups at baseline  with up to 26 years of follow-up for more than 6,000 participants.  

    The participants received a dental exam for signs of gingival disease.  In addition, the participants received blood tests for antibodies against causative bacteria.  The team analyzed antibodies against 19 oral bacteria for an association with the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s diagnosis of any kind of dementia, and death from Alzheimer’s.  Of these 19, Porphyromonas gingivalis is the most common culprit of gum disease.  In fact, a recent study suggests that plaques of beta-amyloid protein, a major hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease, may be produced as a response to this infection.  Clusters with other bacteria such as Campylobacter rectus and Prevotella melaninogenica further increase the risks.

    It was emphasized that future studies and clinical trials are still needed to test whether treating infections with Porhyromonas gingivalis can reduce the development or symptoms of dementia.  

    Gingivitis has been linked to a higher risk of heart disease, but a recent study says that the bacteria that causes gingivitis also could be connected to Alzheimer’s disease.  This study was published January 23, 2019 in Science Advances. 

    Scientists have found that the bacteria called Porphyromonas gingivalis can move from the mouth to the brain.  Once in the brain, the bacteria releases enzymes called gingipains that can destroy nerve cells, which in turn can lead to memory loss and eventually Alzheimer’s.  

    To maintain lifelong good oral health, the elderly need regular dental care. 

    Dental treatment in early stages of the disease are important and should be finalized at producing a stable oral condition. This could improve the quality of life and contribute to decrease worsening of oral situations in the later stages of the disease when dental treatment may be difficult. 

    For additional information about this and other topics, please visit these resources:

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    From left to right: Jill, Mary, Jen, Lois, Ginny

    The 2022 Oregon Dental Conference has come and gone. However, lucky for those that registered, still have an opportunity to take the classes through the Virtual Program. The program is available through May 15, 2022. Take advantage of every opportunity available to you whenever you can.

    The ODAA courses were well attended with over 200 participants. Our presenters were from all over the country. We always search for the very best speakers for you, the Dental Assistants, and it is always nice to have many members of the dental team joining us.

    The location of our ODAA table was located next to DANB/THE DALE and PCC's table.

    Besides chocolate, the most sought after sale item was the Mesial/Distal Socks that ODAA had available. Something fun and well liked, so the ODAA Ways and Means Committee added to the fun of attending the ODC.

    I would appreciate receiving information, from you, regarding your comments on this last conference and what type of education that would be helpful to you in the future. If there is interest in a specific topic ODAA would be happy to do what we can to hold an educational course, not only at the ODC but at another time and location as well.

    Please feel free to contact me with ideas or comments, I am available! I look forward to hearing from you.

    Mary Harrison CDA, EFDA, EFODA,FADAA


    P.S. Other pictures from the conference will be posted on ODAA's Website.

    I had the opportunity to attend a couple of virtual courses at the Oregon Dental Conference this year and if you didn’t have the chance to attend in person there are still courses available for viewing until May 15th. I would encourage you to view as many as you can as they were excellent.

    Just as an example, I am sharing 3 of the power point slides presented by Dr. John Molinari. Hopefully these will inspire you to view some more.

    Linda Kihs, CDA, EFDA, OMSA, MADAA

    ODAA President

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    Greetings Oregon Dental Assistants!

    Happy Dental Assistant Recognition Week! As you may know, March 6-12th is a week that honors and recognizes all the important work YOU do! 

    A special gift for YOU! Sign our online KudoBoard for your chance to enter and win a pair of dental themed socks! Share what you love most about your job... give kudos to some of your fellow dental assistants... or share a pic of you on the job! Enter as many times as you'd like! Sign the KudoBoard here! 

    We want to celebrate with you! 

    The Oregon Dental Assistants Association 

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    You might be saying “what do the two of these have in common” and be assured that there is no connection between the COVID-19 vaccine and breast cancer, but women should know how the shot might affect the results of their mammogram.  


    Lisa Mullen, MD, offers some perspective and can answer that question. The COVID-19 vaccine, like some other vaccinations, can cause a temporary enlargement of lymph nodes.  This can cause your mammogram to appear abnormal even when you are okay and there is no indication of a malignancy.  


    However, enlarged lymph nodes can result in a “false positive” on your mammogram resulting in a request to return for further testing which can be unsettling, undue anxiety, confusion and inconvenience.  The radiologist may request an ultrasound.  Following that, the patient may need to follow up with another ultrasound in three months so it can be determined that the nodes have returned to normal size.  


    Dr. Mullen says, “Lymph nodes under the arm where a person has gotten a vaccine can become enlarged as part of the normal immune response to the vaccine.”  The COVID-19 vaccine is a new type of vaccine and some people are reacting strongly to it.  


    The question was asked if the lymph node enlargement will become permanent but she responded “no”.  The lymph nodes usually return to a normal size a few weeks after your vaccination regime is complete.  


    Dr. Mullen suggests that mammograms be scheduled before your first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination or four to six weeks after the second dose.  That way, there is time for your nodes to return to their normal size.  However, if you have any symptoms such as breast pain, a breast lump, or nipple discharge, consult your physician as soon as possible.  


    Following up on an abnormal mammogram is extremely important and the patient’s health is the priority.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.  

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    One of the real joys of this holiday season

    Is the opportunity to say

    Thank you

    And wish you the very best


    the new year.

    Executive Board

    Oregon Dental Assistants Association

  • 16 Nov 2021 10:13 AM | Anonymous

    In this time of Thanksgiving, we want to express our appreciation for you.

    It’s a time for giving thanks for what we have and the special people in our lives.

    Sending you our warm wishes and a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    Executive Board

    Oregon Dental Assistants Association

  • 19 Oct 2021 4:58 PM | Anonymous

    Halloween is a holiday, on October 31, that’s essentially a celebration of spooky and scary stuff, like ghosts, witches, monsters, and haunted houses. It’s traditionally celebrated by dressing in costumes, decorating with things like jack-o’-lanterns and fake spiderwebs, and trick or treating —going door to door to collect candy or other treats from people who are giving it out.

    But, what could we give out that would be just as fun without promoting tooth decay and not a standard toothbrush that could produce an egging? Well…… about: All from your local dollar store.

    • small box of crayons & coloring book 
    • small box of markers 
    • packages of toys 
    • bubbles 
    • mini play-doh 
    • spider rings 
    • rubber bats 
    • glow bracelets 
    • bouncy balls 
    • granola bars 
    • raisins 
    • fruit leather 
    • vampire teeth 
    • small bag of pretzels 
    • small cracker/peanut butter snack pack

    Photograph is complements of Karlene Gander

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