Review of the ADAA Webinar

21 Jul 2020 1:14 PM | Anonymous

I hope you had the opportunity to view the ADAA live Facebook webinar on June 17th, 2020.  It was phenomenal with so much information being shared.  Presenting was Tija Hunter, Sherrie Busby, Robynn Rixse and Sarah Stream.

I certainly can’t repeat everything that was said but I would like to share some specific topics that were discussed and you can review each of them via:  CDC, ADA, OSAP, OSHA and ADAA.

  • As of May 19, 2020 the CDC and ADA published information in both English and Spanish on staying safe when returning to work.  Everyone who enters your office should be screened – not just patients.  This includes the mailperson, supply company sales reps, FedEx - - yes, everybody.  There is a Screening Form available upon request that can give you assistance if needed.  Temperatures of 100.4 or higher should be turned away and 100 or above for teens.  

  • What do we do when we walk out of the office at the end of the work day?  Get in our car, stop at the grocery store, start a load of wash before starting dinner.  All outside clothing should be removed before leaving the office.  Everything that could be laundered should be left at the office, even our socks.  If not we can contaminate our car and everything that is touched.  Shoes should stay at the office or wear booties.  Follow the OSHA laundry protocol.  Head coverings are also recommended along with shoe coverings. 

  • Masks are a must and don’t become complaisant. Cover the nose!  Earrings are also a source of contamination.  

  •  It’s important to stay hydrated when wearing masks.  You are breathing your own carbon dioxide and anxiety and high blood pressure can form. It can be detrimental to an assistant with COPD.

  • If a mask becomes damp, wicking will develop and not be affective past that point.

  • An N-95 mask should be fit tested but it isn’t always possible.  The N-95 provides the most protection when working with aerosols.  If an N-95 is not available to you, use a #3 mask and over lay with a face shield.  

  • There is controversy about allowing a room to rest 15 to 25 minutes before disinfecting, allowing aerosols to drop.

I hope this has given you some things to think about.  Please be safe………


ODAA President

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