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09 Nov 2018 12:00 AM | Anonymous

Cindy Phillips spent her life supporting her family, friends, the dentists she worked for and the patients she cared for. She continuously dedicated herself to the task at hand; dental assisting,teaching and training dental professionals to be the best they could be.

Cindy was diagnosed with cancer in October 2016.  She bravely endured many rounds of treatment to live beyond the initial prediction of less than one year.

Cindy found gratification in making sure that every detail was addressed and that every student was given the opportunity to learn, even if it meant providing additional time outside the classroom. She was tough but kind and supportive to all. Many students were successful because of Cindy and her ability to help students understand difficult concepts. She was relentless in her dedication to making sure that all the students received the education they deserved.

Cindy spent many years of her life facing the challenges of being a dental assistant. She wanted more for the profession and especially those students who were committed to working hard. Dental assisting is a unique profession where one has the opportunity to provide support to the dentist and the dental patient but it requires a strong work ethic, something Cindy spoke of often and instilled in the students she taught.

Her family asks for donations in memory of Cindy to the Cindy Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund Business Account at any branch of On Point Credit Union.  The Cindy Phillips Memorial Scholarship is meant to provide financial assistance to a student who aspires to become a professional dental assistant and has the qualities that Cindy demonstrated throughout her career; dedicated, committed, supportive, hard-working, kind,respectful and a rule follower.

If you think you fit this description and are wanting to become a dental assistant in the State of Oregon, please complete the attached application to be considered by the Cindy Phillips Memorial Scholarship Selection Committee.

Applications must be type-written and post marked no later than February 15, 2019.
Cindy Phillips Memorial Dental Assisting Scholarship.

The Cindy Phillips Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Cindy Phillips, CDA, EFDA, AAS, a career dental assistant who was a dedicated health care provider, mentor and teacher. This scholarship honors Cindy and her commitment to dental assisting education and to students who believe in working hard to become a dental assistant; a career to be proud of.
This scholarship will be awarded to a student who is currently enrolled in a dental assisting program and is in “good standing” or has been accepted into a dental assisting program approved by the Cindy Phillips Memorial Dental Assisting Scholarship Committee.
Application Criteria
To be considered for the Cindy Phillips Memorial Scholarship, applicants must:
• Be a high school graduate or hold a GED Certificate.
• Complete the scholarship application.
• Complete an in-person interview with the Scholarship Committee.
• Provide confirmation from an employer of at least 1 year of full-time (at least 35 hours per week) work experience within the past 5 years.
Applicant Submissions
Applicants must submit the following materials:
 1. Letter of Purpose and Intent
2. Completed and signed application and scholarship agreement
3. Two letters of recommendation from educator, employer, colleague, etc.
4. Dental Office observation confirmation letter with dentist signature (=>8 hours)
Selected Applicant
Once the applicant is selected, they must:
• Provide the name and contact information of the dental assisting program they are currently enrolled in or plan to apply for.
Award Selection and Amount
Once the applicant is selected the funds will be applied toward the approved Dental Assisting Program tuition and fees. The amount of this scholarship will be $500 to $1000.00.
All application materials must be submitted in one email (either as one PDF attachment or as multiple attachments to one email). The application, letter of purpose and intent and letters of recommendation must be typed. Handwritten materials will not be accepted other than the signature if you are unable to sign electronically. Incomplete applications (missing one or more of the application items) will not be considered. All scholarship materials must be submitted by February 15, 2019 to with the subject line titled, Cindy Phillips Memorial Scholarship.

Cindy Phillips Memorial Dental Assisting Scholarship
Personal Data
`               (last) (First) (Middle)
                 (Street/PO Box/Suite)
                 (City) (State) (Zip code)
Email address_________________________ Cell phone (      )____________

Scholarship Agreement
If awarded the Cindy Phillips Memorial Dental Assisting Scholarship I understand and agree the funds are to be applied toward dental assisting education and fees.
Signature X____________________________Date X_________

Cindy Phillips Memorial Dental Assisting Scholarship
Letter of Purpose and Intent
Your letter of purpose and intent should describe your interest in becoming a dental assistant and why you believe this is a good career choice for you. (250 to 1000 type-written words)

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