In Honor of 4th of July

22 Jun 2018 12:00 AM | Anonymous

The fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, celebrates the day that America declared its independence from Great Britain.

The fourth of July was officially declared a federal holiday in 1941, but the country has celebrated this day since Thursday July 4, 1776.  It’s a day to spend celebrating patriotism with a wide range of activities;  firework displays, parades, concerts and barbecues.

The United States celebrates with fireworks as a tradition continued down through history since the initial year.  Thirteen fireworks were set off to symbolize the 13 states of the union.  It evolved as more states joined the union.

The main signees who drafted the Declaration of Independence were Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams.

Thomas Jefferson – the principal author.  Jefferson’s memorandum books indicate that dental care was a regular part of his routine.  When 81 years old, Jefferson reported to a friend that he had lost only one tooth, with “the rest continuing sound”.

Benjamin Franklin – History tells us that a tooth was pulled from the mouth of Benjamin Franklin sometime between 1706 – 1790.  The tooth is inside a gold acorn with some loose fibrous packing around it.  The tooth is broken in at least two parts but has been identified as probably a lower left second molar.  Apparently one side of the tooth was broken off, possibly before it was pulled.  This acorn-tooth was passed down through his many generations.
John Adams – the second U.S. President March 4, 1797 to March 4, 1801.  When Adams lost his teeth, he refused to wear false ones.  As a result, he had a lisp when speaking.  In later years Adams had trouble speaking. 

56 Delegates eventually signed the Declaration of Independence. 

The Executive Board of the ODAA wish you and your family a happy and healthy July 4th.

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