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Helpful Tip of the Month for December - Is Your Office in Compliance?

07 Dec 2011 2:56 PM | Anonymous

Is Your Office in Compliance?

Some dental offices may not comply with

Oregon Board of Dentistry ‘Rules and Regulations’ regarding dental assistants.  Two important rules from Division 42 may have been overlooked, forgotten or possibly unknown to assistants, office managers or dentists.

Division 42 specifically addresses dental assisting but includes dentist/hygienist responsibilities toward dental assistants under 818-042-0020. Division 42 has specified legal and prohibited acts, radiology and expanded functions. Listed below are two areas that may be neglected in your office.

818-042-0020 covers four specific areas.  Section number three (3) addresses licenses, permits or certificates and is stated as follows:

The supervising dentist or dental hygienist is responsible for assuring that all required licenses, permits or certificates are current and posted in a conspicuous place.

This includes  radiological proficiency and expanded function certificates as well as sealant/temporary reline certificates for the dental assistant.

818-042-0030 defines infection control.  It states the following:

The supervising dentist shall be responsible for assuring that dental assistants are trained in infection control, bloodborne pathogens and universal precautions, exposure control, personal protective equipment, infectious waste disposal, Hepatitis B and C and post exposure follow-up.

Do offices have: 

1.  Proof of a DANB Infection Control Certificate or OSAP Training.

2. A notebook that documents Annual Bloodborne Pathogen training that is a    minimum of two hours and signed by all participants.

I hope these tips have been helpful in some way to bring your office into compliance.

Sheri Billetter CDA, EFDA, MADAA

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