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10 Feb 2023 9:39 PM | Anonymous


The Oregon legislative is moving forward with House Bill 2996. As a fellow Dental Assistant, I, Bonnie Marshall, RDA, CDA, EFDA, EFODA, MADAA, BS; am asking you to write letters and submit your testimony in opposition to House Bill 2996 now. 

As your ODAA President, I am sending this opposition letter on behalf of the Oregon Dental Assistants Association to the proper committee members.

Below you will find



to your representative
to repeal the bill.

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OBD Open Testimony Session
February 13, 2023
3:00 PM PST
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CLICK HERE to download a PDF of House Bill 2996

PDF of HB 2996 Informational Flier

When a person is trying to acquire a driver’s license, they must take a written test to prove that they understand the rules of the road and safety issues prior to operating a car.  Taking away the exam would allow people on the street driving without important knowledge necessary to be a successful and safe driver.


Now imagine a patient coming to the dental office for treatment. The operator comes to the waiting room and announces that they are ready for Mrs. Jones.  As the patient walks back to the exam room the operator explains what x-rays the operator will be exposing.  The patient does not question the treatment, the patient does not question if the operator has the skills or knowledge to perform the task, the patient just allows the operator to move forward and expose their radiographs. Why? Because the patient trusts that the operator and the dentist would not do anything to harm them.  I too, want to believe that I am safe while being treated in my dental office and that I will not come to any harm; doesn’t everyone?


It is our responsibility as dental professionals to have the knowledge to perform all tasks in a safe manner and to make sure that our patients are receiving quality care.  Ionizing radiation is accumulative and over time can cause harm.  That is why we have strict rules regarding tanning beds, and we encourage everyone to wear sunscreen while being in the sun.


That is why we as professional dental assistants are charged with protecting our patients.

Ask your patients what they think about having an operator exposing them to ionizing radiation, without proving that they have the knowledge to complete the task, without doing harm.


A dentist and hygienist must have a license, but an on-the-job-trained dental assistant only has rules to guide them.  If a dental assistant is allowed to preform treatment under “General Supervision”; without a dentist or hygienist being in the building, shouldn’t the rules at least state that the dental assistant must have the knowledge and that knowledge can be proven by successful passage of the Dental Radiation Health and Safety Exam prior to exposing radiographs on patients?


It is the responsibility of every dental professional to protect patients against excessive radiation.


As a patient, educator and as a dental assistant since 1985, I feel that we have a duty to speak out against the removal of the Dental Radiation Health and Safety Exam NOW!


I would like to encourage each of you to read my letter to the committee and form your own letter (writing tips here) regarding the opposition to House Bill 2996.


Thank you for your time in this important matter.



Bonnie Marshall, RDA, CDA, EFDA, EFODA, MADAA, BS

ODAA President

PDF of HB 2996 Informational Flier

CLICK HERE to download a PDF of House Bill 2996

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