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Halloween Fun Without Promoting Tooth Decay

19 Oct 2021 4:58 PM | Anonymous

Halloween is a holiday, on October 31, that’s essentially a celebration of spooky and scary stuff, like ghosts, witches, monsters, and haunted houses. It’s traditionally celebrated by dressing in costumes, decorating with things like jack-o’-lanterns and fake spiderwebs, and trick or treating —going door to door to collect candy or other treats from people who are giving it out.

But, what could we give out that would be just as fun without promoting tooth decay and not a standard toothbrush that could produce an egging? Well…… about: All from your local dollar store.

  • small box of crayons & coloring book 
  • small box of markers 
  • packages of toys 
  • bubbles 
  • mini play-doh 
  • spider rings 
  • rubber bats 
  • glow bracelets 
  • bouncy balls 
  • granola bars 
  • raisins 
  • fruit leather 
  • vampire teeth 
  • small bag of pretzels 
  • small cracker/peanut butter snack pack

Photograph is complements of Karlene Gander

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