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  • 23 Jan 2023 12:26 PM | Anonymous

    JANUARY 2023


    The Oregon Dental Assistants Association is aware that there is a shortage of qualified dental assistants in Oregon.  The shortage is not going to change if the rules and standards set forth by the Oregon Board of Dentistry (OBD), Division 42 Dental Assisting, are eliminated.



    The shortage is not going to change if the rules and standards set forth... are eliminated.




    Eliminating the rules or standards will allow unqualified people to provide dental care. 


    The standards in Division 42 were approved by the Board of Dentistry and dental professionals, serving the field of dentistry by providing safe and quality patient care for over 50 years.  Providing standards for Dental Assistants, OBD is promoting oral health and protecting all patients in the field of dentistry as well as promoting the Oregon Radiation Protection Service Agency, ODAA and OBD Mission Statements.


    The world has just gone through three years of uncertainty for dental offices, dental professional and health care facilities. As the world becomes more stable, we as dental professionals need to assure our patients that dentistry will provide quality care in a safe environment.  Taking away rules and standards will not make a difference in the shortage of dental assistants. Eliminating the rules or standards will allow unqualified people to provide dental care. As dental professionals we owe it to our patients to provide quality care safely.



    As dental professionals we owe it to our patients to provide quality care safely.




    Oregon Dental Assistants and Division 42 are under attack!


    X-rays in a dental office are being performed by a qualified dental assistant under General Supervision.  “General Supervision means that a supervising dentist has examined and diagnosed the patient and provided subsequent instructions to be performed by the assistive personnel but does not require that the dentist be physically present in the treatment facility.”  Patients understand that they can trust the person that is exposing their radiographs and that that person has the proper qualifications to do so without harm.  Division 42 rules provide the proper direction for dental assistants to prove that they are qualified to successfully perform tasks where patients could otherwise be harmed by improper treatment.  Division 42 requirements for dental assistants provide clarification on what can be done by qualified dental assistants to perform tasks on patients safely.

    The Radiology Health and Safety Exam is the foundation for the dental assisting rules in Division 42 and the safety of patients.

    The Radiology Health and Safety Exam is the foundation for the dental assisting rules in Division 42. Eliminating standards will weaken the quality of care and safety for Oregon patients.

    The following certificates require that a dental assistant hold a Certification of Radiologic Proficiency (OAR 818-042-0060), complete a course of instruction approved by the Oregon Board of Dentistry, successfully pass an exam, and successfully prove competency by completing tasks clinically:

    1. EFDA
    2. EFODA
    3. Sealants
    4. Soft Reline
    5. Place retraction Material sub gingivally
    6. Restorative
    The Oregon Dental Assistants Association wants to thank OBD for recognizing the need for Chapter 818, Division 42, 818-042-0050, Rule 813-042-0050: Taking of X-rays- Exposing of Radiographic Images, as a way of promoting safety for all dental patients.

    However, a few Oregon Dentists have placed House Bill 2996 for consideration and if the Bill passes it will eliminate the required Radiology Exam, therefore jeopardizing patient quality of care and safety.

    Removal of the Radiology Health and Safety Exam will jeopardize patient quality of care and safety.

    The ODAA does not think that changing or eliminating any of the rules set forth in Division 42 will solve the shortage concerns.  If the rules are eliminated, it will likely increase the shortage and allow unqualified dental assistants to perform tasks on patients.

    The real shortage started due to COVID-19 and has continued to increase with the lack of support for retention and education as well as not providing a living wage for Dental Assistants.

    ODAA Opposes Oregon House Bill 2996!

    The OBD will be having a hearing soon to address this topic and I want to encourage you to come and speak out against the removal of the Radiology Health and Safety Exam. Please take the time to read House Bill 2996 and write to your representative in Salem to repeal the bill.

    Professional Dental Assistants are an important part of the dental team who encourage and embrace standards and education in order to provide quality safe patient care for their patients.  


    Bonnie Marshall, RDA, CDA, EFDA, EFODA, MADAA, BS

    ODAA President 

    Make Your Voice Heard!


    to your representative

    to repeal the bill.



    OBD Hearing

    Date/Time to be announced. 

    CLICK HERE for a complete list of current Oregon Representatives.

    CLICK HERE to download a PDF of House Bill 2996

    OBD Mission Statement:

    “The Mission of the Oregon Board of Dentistry is to promote quality oral health care and protect all communities in the State of Oregon by equitably regulating dental professionals.  The authority and responsibilities are obtained in the Oregon Statues.”

    ODAA Mission Statement:

    “The Oregon Dental Assistant’s purpose is to promote the careers of dental professionals which will enable the working individuals to promote safe and quality patient care.  This Association will represent the dental assistant professionals in legislative activities, mandated health and safety regulations and provide progressive continuing education.  The Oregon Dental Assistants Association membership services will provide information, resource and reference materials, publications and other benefits.”

  • 20 Dec 2022 7:10 AM | Anonymous

    May this Christmas bring you many reasons to smile and count your blessings.

    We hope you are able to share this wonderful time of year with those near and dear to your heart.

    Merry Christmas from

    Oregon Dental Assistants Association

  • 13 Dec 2022 11:12 AM | Anonymous

    We humans are not the only ones who get fuzzy teeth from not brushing. Most people are diligent in caring for their own oral hygiene, however, good dental care for our pets is just as important. Brushing their teeth regularly can help prevent heart disease, liver and kidney problems, especially as they age. Dental disease is a leading cause of death in cats and greatly affects dogs too. According to PetMeds, periodontal disease is an epidemic condition in dogs and cats, affecting almost 90% of adult pets.

    If you’ve never been in the habit of brushing your pet’s teeth, it’s never too late to start! Be sure to start gradually and try to make it fun. If you have a new puppy or kitten, it is a perfect time to start the habit of brushing their teeth.


    • Take it slow ~ with their mouth closed, gently lift their lips to brush; don’t scrub hard but be as thorough as possible. Some pets may be too skittish and absolutely refuse. If this is the case, speak with your veterinarian about having professional cleanings.
    • Use a toothpaste made especially for dogs or cats. The toothpaste that we use is meant to be spit-out and pets will not spit out their toothpaste, they like to eat it. Human toothpastes contain ingredients that should not be swallowed by pets. If it is swallowed, it can cause an upset stomach or digestive disturbances. Some human toothpastes contain high levels of sodium which may even make your pet ill. Baking soda is not recommended either. It contains a high alkaline level. If swallowed, it can upset the acid balance in the stomach and digestive tract.
    • Use a toothbrush that is designed specifically for pets and that would fit the size and shape of their mouth. Those toothbrushes that fit over your finger like a thimble might work well too. A cotton swab or soft cloth can also be used.
    • Try to make it rewarding for your pet. Give them lots of praise and take some time to play with them before and after.
    • Brush your pet’s teeth at least twice a week, if not more.
    • Try to brush for 30 seconds per side.

    A dog and cat's mouth contains lots of bacteria. If possible, wear gloves while brushing your pet’s teeth. If this isn’t possible, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water after you are finished. Always rinse the toothbrush thoroughly before putting it away. Replace the toothbrush every three months, and if you have several pets, us a different toothbrush for each one.

  • 22 Nov 2022 6:29 PM | Anonymous

    Happy Thanksgiving, from everyone on the Oregon Dental Assistants Association, Executive Board.  We are so grateful for each of you – our members.

  • 08 Nov 2022 6:17 PM | Anonymous

    The Oregon Dental Assistants Association is proud to announce scholarships available due to the kind contribution and generosity of the Mary Jenkins Garnes family.

    During her career with the Oregon Dental Assistants Association and American Dental Assistants, Mary and colleagues lobbied for recognition of enhanced professional skills for dental assistants developed through training and continuing education.

    For a more complete description of her advocacy at the state and national level, you can find information on our ODAA 2022 issue of our Newsbulletin within our Website, page 10.

    Interested applicants may contact ODAA President Bonnie Marshall, CDA, EFDA, EFODA, MADAA  at should you have any questions about the application. More information may also be found on our website, under the education tab.

  • 18 Oct 2022 6:09 PM | Anonymous

    As a new year starts for the Oregon Dental Assistants Association, I would like to take a moment and personally welcome you to become part of this amazing group.

    Our goals for this year are to become more visible through our updated Website, Newsbulletin, Facebook and soon to come Twitter page. Please just take a moment to connect with me at I would love to hear from you!

    If you are a member and you know someone who needs a class, please let them know that ODAA is planning on providing more education through Zoom classes every other month starting on November 29.

    On November 29th Ginny Jorgensen will be presenting information about The Oregon Rules, Division 42 and how they affect Dental Assisting. Classes are free to attend if you are a current ODAA member.

    I would personally like to offer Sealant classes for members during this next year. So, invite your dental assistant friends to become members and I will arrange a Sealant class for the cost of the ADAA/ODAA membership ($140.00).

    Thank you for supporting Dental Assisting throughout Oregon by your continuous membership in the ADAA/ODAA.

    I look forward to being your ODAA President for the year 20022-2023.

    See you on our Social Media.


    Bonnie Marshall, CDA, RDA, EFDA, EFODA, MADAA,BS

    ODAA President

  • 23 Aug 2022 6:02 PM | Anonymous


    Within the next few weeks, September 21, 2022, the Annual Fall Business meeting will be held virtually via zoom. One specific matter of business will be conducted at that time and that being the election of officers.

    Election of Officers:

    The elected officers are: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Only active or life members may serve as an officer and shall serve for one year or until a successor is duly elected.

    If you are interested in serving in one of these capacities please notify Bonnie Marshall, 13908 NE River Bend Rd. Battle Ground, WA 98604, or 503-209-8450. An e-mail of may also be used. She will need to know your name, title, address, employment status and your commitment to serve.

    Linda Kihs, CDA, EFDA, OMSA, MADAA

    ODAA President

  • 15 Aug 2022 5:56 PM | Anonymous


    Be the first to complete the crossword puzzle below and win a prize!

    Send a complete and accurate copy to:

    This contest is now closed. 

  • 12 Jul 2022 9:01 AM | Anonymous


    The Student Achievement Award is offered to all students attending CODA schools in Oregon.  ODAA is proud to announce that Crystal Reed from Central Oregon Community College and Andrea Cole from Portland Community College are the 2021-2022 Student Achievement Award winners.

    Each student award winner receives:

    • A Certificate of congratulations from ODAA
    • $100.00 and 
    • one complimentary ADAA/ODAA membership (valid for the 2022-2023 year only).

    ODAA 2022 Student Achievement Award Recipients

    This year, Mary Harrison, ODAA’s Vice President was able to present the award at PCC.


    Her report as follows:

    “It was my pleasure to present this award to Andrea Cole at Portland Community College.  The students gathered for their last time together with instructions on getting their EFDA, EFODA and RHS certificates.  They were encouraged to hand in or donate any supplies to the school to help other students.


    I did take a few minutes to encourage membership, gathering with other dental assistants, and to continue learning.  All assistants should know and be familiar with the Dental Practice Act, to know and understand what they may or may not do in the dental office.


    ODAA represents dental assistants at the Oregon Board of Dentistry and the Oregon Dental Association.  I shared that ODAA is available if they have questions or need help, and we are here for them.  


    I also encouraged continuing education and any certificates that are made available for dental assistants.  Also, my usual saying…..’You need to do the best thing you can for yourself, you’re the only one that can.”

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